Toshiba SMMSi The industry first VRF with 3 compressors in each unit

Toshiba is introducing new high-performance VRF system with 3 compressors and 3 inverters. Adopting the highly efficient new DC twin-rotary compressors and advanced vector-controlled inverters realizes a COP of 6.38 (under 50% partial load). Three new DC twin-rotary compressors that feature outstanding capacity under partial load drive the 14 and 16HP outdoor unit models, while two are used by the other outdoor unit models. These new compressors improve both energy efficiency and comfort levels. All-inverter control realizes finer control over operation to match the load on the system.

Toshiba SMMSi

System layouts can use a maximum equivalent distance of up to 235 meters. This makes it much easier to design for floors with many small rooms, or for tenants who often rearrange their floor layouts. Toshiba SMMSi leads the industry with support for height differences of up to 40 meters between indoor units on a single system. That is enough height to cover an 11-story building! At 1800mm (H) x 1210mm (W) x 780mm (D), the outdoor units improve performance to achieve greater space efficiency that defies their compact module size to deliver greater freedom in layout design. This minimizes weight-related restrictions and allows for quicker installation. A 16HP system installation now occupies only 2/3 the footprint and weight of two units previously required.

Toshiba’s newly developed intelligent VRF control ensures that the right amount of refrigerant to satisfy the demands of each room, regardless of the type of indoor unit used and the length of the pipes. Infinity variable control adjusts compressor rotation speed in near-seamless 0.1 Hz steps. Responding precisely to the capacity needs of the moment, this fine control minimizes energy loss when changing frequencies, and also creates a comfortable environment subject to minimal temperature variations.

JARN Magazine, 2010

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