Toshiba Air Conditioners - Toshiba Estía, Residential Air to Water Heat Pump System

Outdoor Units

HWS-802H-E (8 kW)
HWS-1102H-E (11 kW)
HWS-1402H-E (14 kW)

Hydro units


Hot water tank

HWS-1501CSHM3-E (150 l)
HWS-2101CSHM3-E (210 l)
HWS-3001CSHM3-E (300 l)



InverterRefrigerant R410A (HFC)

In 2010 Toshiba launches ESTIA, Residential Air to Water Heat Pump System for Europe. It is super-efficient space heating and hot water supply system for homes and businesses.

Estía represents breakthrough thinking in intelligent heat pump and inverter technologies, by efficiently transferring ambient thermal heat from outside air to heat water indoors. Estia heat pump systems can be used in combination with different types of emitters: existing heating low temperature radiators, floor heating or fan coil units.

Based on Toshiba’s proven light commercial air conditioning system, the Super Digital Inverter, this innovative unit features DC twin rotary compressor, DC inverter and R410A refrigerant, providing the highest coefficient of performance(COP) in its class. This means more power from less energy consumption, and the ideal ecological and economical solution for your home.

  • World-leading Energy Efficiency of 4,66
  • Comfortable heating and hot water supply
  • Versatile installation and operation

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