Toshiba Air Conditioners - NKHD-E - Wall split Daiseikai, Heat Pump 

2.00-2.05 kW (cooling)
2.00-2.05 kW (heating)

2.65-2.70 kW (cooling)
2.95-3.00 kW (heating)

3.55-3.60 kW (cooling)
4.10-4.15 kW (heating)

5.05-5.05 kW (cooling)
5.80-5.90 kW (heating)

6.30-6.30 kW (cooling)
6.60-6.70 kW (heating)




Air IonizerSELF CleaningPlasma Air PurifierZeolite Plus Filter

Daiseikai is the top class in Toshiba residential air conditioning segment. NKHD series includes fixed-speed, heat pump wall split-systems with R22 freon. The key features of Toshiba NKHD are:

  • Perfect Purification:
    The innovative Toshiba Plasma Air Purifier uses 10x Active Purification technology to trap harmful viruses, bacteria, allergens and particles. Air filtration system helps stop impurities from reaching you and your family. Zeolite Deodorizer makes unpleasant smells a thing of the past.

  • Air Ionizer:
    By generating more than 1,000,000 negative ions for every square centimetre of air, the Toshiba Daiseikai Ionizer will invite the freshness of nature into your personal place. Negative ions make the air fabulously fresh, clean and relaxing.

  • Ideal Comfort for Moderate Price:
    Traditional refrigerant R22, non-inverter compressor and manufacturing on Thailand factory allow Toshiba to maintain the moderate cost of Daiseikai RAS-**NKHD-E.

Auto Mode Change (Cool / Dry)Auto Mode Change (Cool / Dry)
Sleep TimerSleep Timer
One Touch PresetOne Touch Preset
IR Selectable RemoconIR Selectable Remocon
Washable Front PanelWashable Front Panel
Minimal Distance Between Wall And UnitMinimal Distance Between Wall And Unit
Sleep Timer with ECO-logicSleep Timer with ECO-logic
Economy ModeEconomy Mode
One Touch AutoOne Touch Auto
5 Fan Speed Levels in AUTO Mode5 Fan Speed Levels in AUTO Mode
Automatic 3 mins Delay Safety ControlAutomatic 3 mins Delay Safety Control
Dry (Dehumidifying) FunctionDry (Dehumidifying) Function
Filter State SignFilter State Sign
Zeolite Plus FiltersZeolite Plus Filters
12 Step Louvre Positions + 12 Swing Ranges12 Step Louvre Positions + 12 Swing Ranges
ONN/OFF Timer in Real TimeONN/OFF Timer in Real Time
Plazma air purifierPlazma air purifier
Self-cleaning FunctionSelf-cleaning Function

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