Toshiba Air Conditioners - 7SKHP-E, Wall split, Heat Pump, R22

2.0 kW (cooling)
2.0 kW (heating)

2.5 kW (cooling)
2.7 kW (heating)

3.6 kW (cooling)
3.6 kW (heating)

Toshiba split outdoor unit TOSHIBA RAS-07S2AH-ERAS-077S2AH-E

Toshiba split outdoor unit RAS-10S2AH-E RAS-107S2AH-E

IAQ Filter

"Style, Simplicity & Greater Purity" - here is a main idea of the Toshiba 7SKHP series. It is an inexpensive and simplified version of the Toshiba SKHP series, with 3 fan speeds and new IAQ air filter. The performance of the elegant and slim hi-wall units of the RAS-series is perfect. A compact design, the powerful, precise operation and a very low operation noise convince. Cool, clean comfort can grace every room in your home thanks to Toshiba air conditioning technology.

Toshiba RAS-**7SKHP-E fix-speed air conditioners with capacities from 2 to 3.5 kW are suitable for a wide range of residential applications.

  • New compact chassis (only 740 mm wide, 195 mm deep)
  • Indoor unit operates at an extremely low 20 decibels in Quiet mode
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Self-cleaning function for avoiding mould and remaining humidity inside the unit
  • 12 different positions for controlling the direction of the air flow
  • Toshiba IAQ air filter purifies the air without reducing the air flow capacity of the unit, eliminates bacteria, chemicals and clean pollutants from the air, reduces allergic reactions.

    Auto Mode Change (Cool / Dry)Auto Mode Change (Cool / Dry)
    One Touch PresetOne Touch Preset
    Repeat TimerRepeat Timer
    Washable Front PanelWashable Front Panel
    Sleep Timer with ECO-logicSleep Timer with ECO-logic
    Economy ModeEconomy Mode
    3 Fan Speed Levels in AUTO Mode3 Fan Speed Levels in AUTO Mode
    Automatic 3 mins Delay Safety ControlAutomatic 3 mins Delay Safety Control
    Dry (Dehumidifying) FunctionDry (Dehumidifying) Function
    12 Step Louvre Positions + 12 Swing Ranges12 Step Louvre Positions + 12 Swing Ranges
    Toshiba New IAQ FilterToshiba New IAQ Filter

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