Toshiba Air Conditioners - Light Commercial - Ducted

2,2 - 5,6 kW (cooling)
2,2 - 7,1 kW (heating)

2,2 - 8,0 kW (cooling)
2,2 - 10,0 kW (heating)

3,0 - 12,0 kW (cooling)
3,0 - 13,0 kW (heating)

3,0 - 14,0 kW (cooling)
3,0 - 16,5 kW (heating)


The use of ducts allows air outlets to be conveniently installed anywhere on the ceiling, eliminating the conspicuous presence of the air conditioner in the center of the room. Toshiba duct air conditioners can be applied to a wide variety of layouts from narrow spaces to polygonal rooms. They also greatly improve the aesthetics of a room with its unobtrusive presence.

  • External static pressure can be raised as high as 98 Pa. All areas of the room can be reached for even temperature distribution, no matter how complex the layout.
  • High-lift drain pump. The flexible piping layout is made possible by an optionally available drain-pump kit that raises the drain piping up to 27 cm from the drain port.
  • Made in Japan (Toshiba Fuji factory).

Automatic Air Volume ControlAutomatic Air Volume Control
Long-life FilterLong-life Filter
Hot StartHot Start
Automatic Cooling/HeatingAutomatic Cooling/Heating
Filter SignFilter Sign
168-Hour Limit Timer168-Hour Limit Timer
Built-in Drain PumpBuilt-in Drain Pump
Cooler Compatible with an Outdoor Temperature of -15CCooler Compatible with an Outdoor Temperature of -15C

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