Toshiba Air Conditioners - Light Commercial - Flexi

1,5 - 5,6 (cooling)
1,5 - 6,3 (heating)

1,5 - 8,0 (cooling)
1,5 - 9,0 (heating)

InverterZeolite Plus Filter

This flexible unit can be installed either as a low-wall or ceiling-suspended model. Elegant and compact, Toshiba Digital Inverter Flexi indoor unit easily blends with the room interior. It incorporates the latest Toshiba technology, and meets the needs of all occupants.

  • Triple-action filtration system: mesh filter, electrostatic filter and Toshiba's Zeolite Plus filter make the air perfectly clean.
  • Natural air distribution: air can be directed either horizontally or away from the room occupants.
  • High-lift drain pump kit: raises drain piping up to 290 mm for flexible condensate piping layout.

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