Toshiba Air Conditioners - Super Digital Inverter - Outdoor Units 4 Series

Super Digital Inverter
Outdoor Units 4 series



The new Super Digital Inverter, series 4, sets new standards for industry energy performance. The seasonal and the rated efficiencies of new Toshiba air conditioners are the highest in the industry for capacities from 10 to 12.5 kW.

  • Highest EER/COP values in the industry. All systems are A-class rated in cooling and heating operation. Thanks to its new Eco-driving compressors, the new systems provide excellent seasonal energy performance, thus saving up to 70% annual energy cost compared to fixed speed systems.
  • Eco-driving twin-rotary compressors: The structure and magnetic action of the new Toshiba Eco-driving twin-rotary compressors provide excellent energy performance at full load as well as in partial load conditions.
  • Longer pipe runs, up to 75 m length and 30 m elevation for increased installation flexibility.
  • Wide operating range: down to -15 °C in cooling mode and down to -20 °C in heating mode.

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