Toshiba Air Conditioners - Remote Controllers

Toshiba offer a wide range of controls for light commercial air conditioners: from advanced, sophisticated touch screen controllers with graphical interface to wired, simplified and remote controllers.

Toshiba have the capability to design bespoke controllers to meet the architect and designers criteria that is increasingly important for end users such as hoteliers.

  • Local control systems.
    The wired local controller can monitor a single unit or a group of a maximum of eight indoor units. The schedule/weekly timer can be used with a single local or central controller. A range of wireless controls is also available.
  • Central control systems.
    With the Toshiba central controller, up to 64 indoor units can be monitored individually.
  • Toshiba network solutions.
    Toshiba offers precise network control of new Super Digital Inverter and Digital Inverter split systems. The innovative solutions of the Toshiba Network guarantee integration with other building systems (elevators, lighting etc.)

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