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Super Digital Inverter:

2,2 - 5,6 kW (cooling)
2,2 - 7,0 kW (heating)

2,2 - 8,0 kW (cooling)
2,2 - 10,0 kW (heating)

3,0 - 12,0 kW (cooling)
3,0 - 13,0 kW (heating)

3,0 - 14,0 kW (cooling)
3,0 - 16,5 kW (heating)

Refrigerant R410A (HFC)Inverter

Toshiba under ceiling air conditioner can be suspended under the cealing simply by adjusting two screws. A new design is adopted to greatly reduce the noise level to half of the conventional units. Operation of Toshiba Super Digital Inverter is always whisper-quiet.

Airflow angle is automatically set to the most suitable setting according to cooling and heating needs, and the automatic swing mode enables the airflow to reach all areas of the room and to create a comfortable ambience.

  • Energy savings of up to 60% in comparion to fix-speed untis
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Small height of only 210 mm
  • Auto louver mode assures even diffusion of air throughout the entire room
  • Adjustable louvers
  • Temperature meassurement is selectable at the indoor unit, via a sensor at the remocon or via a room temperature sensor
  • Auto restart after power failure
  • Easy installation (only two screws) and maintenance
  • Made in Japan (Toshiba Fuji factory).

Auto-turn LouvresAuto-turn Louvres
Long-life FilterLong-life Filter
Automatic Air Volume ControlAutomatic Air Volume Control
Automatic Cooling/HeatingAutomatic Cooling/Heating
Hot StartHot Start
Filter SignFilter Sign
168-Hour Limit Timer168-Hour Limit Timer
Built-in Drain PumpBuilt-in Drain Pump
Cooler Compatible with an Outdoor Temperature of -15CCooler Compatible with an Outdoor Temperature of -15C

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