Toshiba Air Conditioners - Ceiling Indoor Unit, VRF

4.50 kW (cooling)
5.00 kW (heating)

5.60 kW (cooling)
6.30 kW (heating)

7.10 kW (cooling)
8.00 kW (heating)

8.00 kW (cooling)
9.00 kW (heating)

11.2 kW (cooling)
12.5 kW (heating)

14.0 kW (cooling)
16.0 kW (heating)
Refrigerant R410A (HFC)Inverter

Ceiling units can simply be installed at the ceiling. Due to the new design of the Toshiba SMMS ceiling units the noise level can be reduced to nearly half of the noise level of standard units. Operation therefore is always very quiet.

The airflow lamella control automatically adjusts the air outlet angle to the optimal position. The auto swing operation guarantees that the airflow reaches all room areas, creating a comfortable ambience.

  • CFC-free refrigerant R410A
  • Low construction height of only 210 mm
  • Auto airflow distribution control for an even air distribution in the whole room
  • Refrigerant piping can be installed from the rear, right or top of the unit
  • Compatible drain pump (delivery height 600 mm) optionally available (TCB-DP22CE)
  • Compatible infrared controller kit optionally available (RBC-AX21U(W)-E)

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