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An innovative and complete range of integrated controls for application in the Toshiba VRF MiNi-SMMS, SMMS, SHRM systems ensures maximum comfort and excellent performance by perfectly matching the different control requirements.

The wired local controller RBC-AMT32E (or simplified model RBC-AS21E2) can monitor a single unit or a group of a maximum of eight indoor units. It offers start/stop functions, operating mode change, temperature and fan speed adjustment, timer, auto-diagnostics and fault code display.

To define a timer scheduled for each day of the week, the schedule/weekly timer TCB-EXS21TLE, can be used with a single local or central controller. Its main functions are: weekly programming with different daily start/stop cycles, summer/winter programming, repeat, clear, day omit.

To facilitate application flexibility, a range of Toshiba wireless controls for Toshiba multizone systems is also available (TCB-AX21E2, RBCAX22CE2, TCB-AX21U(W)E2) to manage the main control functions.

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