Toshiba Air Conditioners - UFP, Console & Under-ceiling, Cooling only

Toshiba console UFPMore Power & Greater Airflow

  • Hi-Power mode enables you to reach your desired setting far faster.
  • Five selectable fan speeds mean you can adjust the air speed to match your preference. Moreover, the width of the louver coverage is an impressive 120°.
  • In under-ceiling units, the ariflow can be directed horizontally away from occupants for non-intrusive and natural air distribution.

Comfort & Quiet

Quietest air conditioner in its class, operating at just 36 dB. In Quiet mode the indoor will operate at the lowest noise level. It shifts to super-low fan speed, thereby reducing the sound of the indoor unit by 3 dB.

After choosing the Comfort Sleep mode, the temperature will rise by 1°C after 1 hour, then another degree after 2 hours, which will be maintained untill morning.

Console & Under-Ceiling Installation

This Toshiba UFP air conditioner can be installed as either console or under ceiling. The UFP series needs no modification for either application and is easy to install. Just remove the air-intake grille to link the piping and electrical connections.

Air Purity without Compromise

Toshiba console air conditioner features new IAQ air filter. Toshiba IAQ technology is able to seriously inhibit the activity of harmful becteria and viruses (including avian influenca). The experience gathered with all the previous filtration devices has led to this highly effective device that purify the air without reducing the air flow capacity of the unit. With this Toshiba air filtration system the air becomes purer, fresher and healthier ensuring optimum comfort for the whole family. Your house will feel like it has been spring cleaned every day!

Self-Cleaning Function

When you turn off your Toshiba air conditioner, an internal fan automatically activates to dry out the coil. This removes the moisture which causes mould to form. 20 Minutes of fan operation after shut down, dries the moist air and helps reduce mould formation.

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