Air to Water Heat Pumps

Following the European commitment of reducing 20% of the emissions by 2020, energy waste from residential space heating and domestic hot water have been identified as the possible reduction targets.

Air-to-water heat pumps are considered as renewable energy technology compared to heating systems dependent on fossil fuel or non efficient electrical heating. They are now considered as ideal solutions for space heating and domestic hot water. Residential heat production by means of gas, oil or electricity contribute to raise the CO₂ emissions level in the atmosphere. In addition these traditional heating systems are less efficient and therefore the energy running costs increase.

Toshiba air to water heat pumps are the ideal solution to increase energy efficiency (COP), using air as a main source of energy. This is an all in one system designed to deliver the right temperature for space heating, for domestic sanitary hot water and with the additional advantage of offering air conditioning in the warmer seasons.

Toshiba air-to-water heat pump

Toshiba Estía, Residential Air to Water Heat Pump System
Toshiba Estía, Residential Air to Water Heat Pump System