Toshiba Air Conditioners - SKVR - Inverter wall split Daiseikai, R410a 

2.5 kW (cooling)
3.2 kW (обогрев)

3.5 kW (cooling)
4.2 kW (обогрев)

4.5 kW (cooling)
5.5 kW (обогрев)

5.0 kW (cooling)
5.8 kW (обогрев)

6.0 kW (cooling)
7.0 kW (обогрев)

Внешний блок настенного кондиционера Toshiba Daiseikai SAVR RAS-10SAVR-E

InverterRefrigerant R410A (HFC)Air IonizerSELF Cleaning
Plasma Air PurifierIAQ Filter

Daiseikai is the top class in Toshiba's RAS segment. This air conditioner impresses with perfect energy efficiency values, with powerful active air treatment and with a new stylish design. The key features of Toshiba SKVR wallsplit series are:

  • Very high energy efficiency for cost saving in both cooling and heating modes
  • DC Hybrid Inverter technology with twin rotary compressor
  • Plasma filter - an electrical working filter to absorb smallest particels.
  • Toshiba IAQ air filter eliminates virus, mold and bacteria, traps odors, removes chemicals and clean pollutants from the air, reduces allergic reactions. Life time 2 years.
  • Relaxing: The ioniser makes your home to a spa with perfect comfort.
  • Self cleaning function: after operation the fan continues to dry the heat exchanger to avoid mould, bacterias and viruses.
  • Low noise level (26 dB)

Auto Mode Change (Cool / Dry)Auto Mode Change (Cool / Dry)
Sleep TimerSleep Timer
One Touch PresetOne Touch Preset
Washable Front PanelWashable Front Panel
Sleep Timer with ECO-logicSleep Timer with ECO-logic
Economy ModeEconomy Mode
One Touch AutoOne Touch Auto
Removable Air FilterRemovable Air Filter
Automatic 3 mins Delay Safety ControlAutomatic 3 mins Delay Safety Control
Plazma air purifierPlazma air purifier
Multiple Louver PositionsMultiple Louver Positions
Self-cleaning FunctionSelf-cleaning Function

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