Toshiba Air Conditioners - SKVR - Inverter wall split Daiseikai, R410a

Daiseikai RAS-**SKVR-E series is the top class in Toshiba's residential air conditioners segment. This split system impresses with perfect energy efficiency values, with powerful active air treatment and with a new stylish design.

Toshiba: 3 steps to the Perfect Air

Toshiba air conditioner - ideal climate
  1. Complete climate control. Toshiba Daiseikai split-system quickly achieves and precisely maintains room temperature.
  2. Perfect purification. Toshiba Plasma air purifier trap harmful viruses, bacteris, allergens and particles.
  3. Absolute freshness. Negative ions made by Toshiba Daiseikai ionizer create a fresh and healthy envirement.

Daiseikai PLASMA Filter

This exceptional indoor unit is equipped with an Plasma Air Purifier, a complete filtration system that deodorises air, removes bacteria and provides a pure and healthy environment. Toshiba Plasma Air Purifier is developed in compliance with Japanese standard JEM1467 ("Domestic air purifiers").

How Plasma Air Purifier removes a wide range of impurities ?

Plasma Air Purifier Toshiba

    An ionized circuit forces pollutants to adopt a positive electrical charge.
  • STEP 1
    Negative electrons in the collection board attract large positive pollutants.
  • STEP 2
    Any remaining particles are forced towards the second collection board by a positive charge.

With Toshiba Daiseikai residential air conditioners, air quality is guaranteed by many stages of filtration and additional functions such as pre-treatment, removal of fine particles, viruses, bacteria and allergens for total purification.

Electrostatic purification also guarantees a basic cost advantage, as there are no ongoing replacement part costs. Thanks to a complete and exceptional air treatment process, a pure and healthy environment is assured.

Toshiba Daiseikai Air Ionizer

By generating more than 1 million negative ions for every square centimetre of air, the Daiseikai Ionizer will invite the freshness of nature into your personal place. In the middle of a room, up to 35,000 negative ions can be registered - more than you would find around a waterfall.

  • Tests show the difference between freshly cut flowers in a room cooled by a conventional air conditioner and one treated with the Daiseikai. With Toshiba Daiseikai flowers remains fresh even 25 days later!
  • Air ionizer help prevent pests, such as termites and cockroaches from breeding.
  • Toshiba Daiseikai deodorizes and neutralizes tobacco smoke and helps preventt tobacco strains on wallpaper.
  • Negative ions restrains mould formation.

Toshiba - Inventer of the Inverter

Toshiba inverter

When Toshiba invented the Inverter technology in 1981, Toshiba has continued to maintain a comfortable technological advantage over many competitors.

The development of the and new exclusive to Toshiba DC Hybrid Inverter system has reaffirmed this capability to innovate and maintain the technology advantage on what is a rapidly growing air conditioning market. It uses eighter the PAM mode to enhance the efficiency or the PWM mode for efficient operation in the mid range. This provides significant savings in power consumption and also remarkable air conditioning data.

Thanks to its twin-rotary compressor, Toshiba Daiseikai air conditioner can operate at very low speeds (minimum cooling capacity is 0.5 kW), consuming only 100 W.

  • DC Hybrid Inverter quickly achieves and maintains room temperature
  • High energy savings due to accurate digital controls
  • Exceptional reliability and operation due to elimination of compressor ON/OFF cycle
  • Twin rotary compressor ensures smooth linear rotation of the compressor for quite running.

SELF Cleaning

When you turn off your Toshiba Daiseikai air conditioner, an internal fan automatically activates to dry out the coil. This removes the moisture which causes mould to form.

  • Normal Operation
    Moisture stays trapped inside during operation.

  • Self-Cleaning Function
    20 Minutes of fan operation after shut down, dries the moist air and helps reduce mould formation.

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