Toshiba Air Conditioners - NKHD-E - Wall split Daiseikai, Heat Pump

Daiseikai RAS-**NKHD-E series is the top class in Toshiba's residential air conditioners segment. This split system with heat pump combines powerful active air treatment and stylish design with moderate price.

  1. Perfect purification. Toshiba Plasma air purifier trap harmful viruses, bacteris, allergens and particles.
  2. Absolute freshness. Negative ions made by Toshiba Daiseikai ionizer create a fresh and healthy envirement.
  3. Comfort and Reliability. Advanced remote control, compact units, easy-cleaning front panel.

Plazma + Zeolite filter in Toshiba split system

Daiseikai PLASMA Filter

This exceptional indoor unit is equipped with an Plasma Air Purifier, a complete filtration system that deodorises air, removes bacteria and provides a pure and healthy environment. Toshiba Plasma Air Purifier is developed in compliance with Japanese standard JEM1467 ("Domestic air purifiers").

Toshiba air purifying

With Toshiba Daiseikai residential air conditioners, air quality is guaranteed by many stages of filtration and additional functions such as pre-treatment, removal of fine particles, viruses, bacteria and allergens for total purification.

Electrostatic purification also guarantees a basic cost advantage, as there are no ongoing replacement part costs. Thanks to a complete and exceptional air treatment process, a pure and healthy environment is assured.

How Plasma Air Purifier removes a wide range of impurities ?

Plasma Air Purifier Toshiba

    An ionized circuit forces pollutants to adopt a positive electrical charge.
  • STEP 1
    Negative electrons in the collection board attract large positive pollutants.
  • STEP 2
    Any remaining particles are forced towards the second collection board by a positive charge.

Toshiba Daiseikai Air Ionizer

Toshiba Daiseikai Ionizer

Around forests, waterfalls, lakes and streams, negative ions make the air fabulously fresh, clean and relaxing. This invigorating atmosphere is emulated in spas and health clubs. Now you can enjoy this healthy ambiance in your own home.

By generating more than 1 million negative ions for every square centimetre of air, the Daiseikai Ionizer will invite the freshness of nature into your personal place. In the middle of a room, up to 35,000 negative ions can be registered - more than you would find around a waterfall.

Help prevent pests, such as termites and cockroaches from breeding.Deodorizes and neutralizes tobacco smoke and helps preventt tobacco strains on wallpaper.Restrains mould formation.Keep your room fresh.

Toshiba Daiseikai Remote Control

Toshiba Daisekia Remote Control

The Toshiba Daiseikai remote control is as carefully designed as the indoor and outdoor units. Frequently used buttons are placed at the top, while feature buttons are laid out in user-friendly zones.

  • Plasma Air Purifier and Ionizer
    Activates Plasma air purification.
  • Super Quiet
    Just press the Quiet button on your Toshiba remote control and the indoor unit will operate at an extremely low 20 dB.
  • Comfort Sleep
    When you activate the Comfort Sleep feature, your air-conditioning system will compensate for naturally lower right air temperatures so you can sleep in complete comfort.
  • One Touch My Comfort
    Toshiba has assessed user preferences in your region of the world to ensure that your needs can be fully catered for. The One Touch My Comfort features customized temperature and airflow settings, which will deliver you ultimate comfort with one simple push of the button.
  • ECO-logic
    You can save up to 25% energy without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Operating Mode
    Sel ect from Auto Changeover, Cooling, Heating, Fan only and Drying modes.
  • Auto Diagnosis
    The 26 code auto diagnosis monitors main functions and components of the air conditioner for easy maintenance.

SELF Cleaning Function

When you turn off your Toshiba Daiseikai RAS-NKD-E air conditioner, an internal fan automatically activates to dry out the coil. This removes the moisture which causes mould to form.

  • Normal Operation
    Moisture stays trapped inside during operation.
  • Self-Cleaning Function
    20 Minutes of fan operation after shut down, dries the moist air and helps reduce mould formation.

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