Toshiba Air Conditioners - NKD2B5, Wallsplit system Daiseikai (60Hz), Cooling Only

Split System Cooling Only, R22, 60 Hz
Indoor Unit RAS-18NKD2B5RAS-24NKD2B5
Outdoor Unit RAS-18N2A2BRAS-24N2A2B
Power Supply (V/ph/Hz)220-1-60220-1-60
Cooling capacity, kW 4.655.60
EER (energy efficiency) 2.031.94
Energy consumption, kW 2.292.89
Operating current, A
Indoor Unit
DimensionsHeight, mm
Length, mm998998
Depth, mm220220
Weight, kg 1314
Air flow, m³/h 900900
Fan motor capacity, W
Sound pressure level, dB(A) 44/42/39/37/3545/43/41/39/37
Outdoor Unit
DimensionsHeight, mm550715
Length, mm780780
Depth, mm290290
Weight, kg 4250
Compressor capacity, W15002000
Fan motor capacity, W4242
Sound pressure level, dB(A) 5457
Flare connectionsLiquid, mm (inch)6.35 (1/4")6.35 (1/4")
Gas, mm (inch)12.7(1/2")15.88(5/8")
Connection type FlareFlare
Condensate drain, mm 16.3016.30
Maximum pipe length, m 2025
Pre-charged pipe length, m 1515
Maximum height difference, m 810
Operating range, º21 to 5221 to 52

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