Toshiba Air Conditioners - SKV - Inverter wall split, Heat Pump, R410A

Toshiba - Inventer of the Inverter

When Toshiba invented the Inverter technology in 1981, Toshiba has continued to maintain a comfortable technological advantage over many competitors.

Toshiba DC hybrid inverter technology controls the capacity supplied by the air conditioner. By modifying the supply current frequency or intensity, it ensures smooth linear variation of the rotation speed and capacity of the compressor – the heart of the air conditioner. This allows the cooling and heating capacities to be matched to the actual operating conditions required.

Toshiba inverter

Conventional inverter.
Less advanced technology means slower cool down and wider temperature fluctiation
Toshiba DC hybrid inverter.
Superior power and precise control for maximum comfort and energy saving.

When the room temperature is different from the set point temperature or desired temperature, the Toshiba SKV inverter air conditioner operates at maximum capacity, ensuring that a comfortable temperature will be reached quickly. Once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter precisely adjusts the capacity to maintain a stable desired temperature close to the set point.

Toshiba SKV features inverter twin-rotary compressor

Toshiba inverterThanks to its twin-rotary compressor, Toshiba air conditioner RAS-**SKV-E series can operate at very low speeds.

  • DC Hybrid Inverter quickly achieves and maintains room temperature
  • High energy savings due to accurate digital controls
  • Exceptional reliability and operation due to elimination of compressor ON/OFF cycle
  • Twin rotary compressor ensures smooth linear rotation of the compressor for quite running.

Refrigerant R410A

Toshiba’s residential air conditioners SKV series use R-410A, the high efficiency non-ozone depleting refrigerant. Now R-410A is the preferred refrigerant for use in residential and commercial air conditioners in Japan and Europe.

Toshiba has anticipated legislation on the control of refrigerant emissions to the atmosphere and, to show its clear commitment to respecting the environment, it is carrying out continuous research and improvement.

Toshiba IAQ air filter - purity without compromise

NewToshiba IAQ air filter helps stop airborne impurities from reaching you and your loved ones. It's technology is able to seriously inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria and viruses (including avian influenca).

This air filter is the latest product of the Toshiba laboratories for improving the indoor air quality of the residential air conditioners. The experience gathered with all the previous filtration devices has led to this highly effective device that purify the air without reducing the air flow capacity of the unit. With this Toshiba air filtration system the air becomes purer, fresher and healthier ensuring optimum comfort for the whole family.

Remote controller for Toshiba SKV series

The Toshiba remote control is as carefully designed as the rest of the high-wall split-system. Frequently used buttons are placed at the top, while feature buttons are laid out in user-friendly zones.

  • remote controller for Toshiba SKHP air conditioner

    Super Quiet
    Just press the Quiet button on your Toshiba remote control and the indoor unit will operate at an extremely low 20 dB.
  • Comfort Sleep
    When you activate the Comfort Sleep feature, your air-conditioning system will compensate for naturally lower right air temperatures so you can sleep in complete comfort.
  • One Touch My Comfort
    Toshiba has assessed user preferences in your region of the world to ensure that your needs can be fully catered for. The One Touch My Comfort features customized temperature and airflow settings, which will deliver you ultimate comfort with one simple push of the button.
  • ECO-logic
    You can save up to 25% energy without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Operating Mode
    Select from Auto Changeover, Cooling, Heating, Fan only and Drying modes.
  • Auto Diagnosis
    The 26 code auto diagnosis monitors main functions and components of the air conditioner for easy maintenance.

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