Toshiba Air Conditioners - SKP-ES, Wall split, Cool Only, R410A

2.73 kW (cooling)

3.75 kW (cooling)

5.35 kW (cooling)

6.85 kW (cooling)

Toshiba split outdoor unit RAS-10S2AH-E RAS-10SA-ES

Toshiba split outdoor unit RAS-24SA-ES

SELF CleaningIAQ FilterRefrigerant R410A (HFC)

"Style, Simplicity & Greater Purity" - here is a main idea of Toshiba SKP series. The performance of the elegant and slim hi-wall units of the RAS-series is perfect. A compact design, the powerful, precise operation and a very low operation noise are the distinctive features of these air conditioners. Cool, clean comfort can grace every room in your home thanks to Toshiba air conditioning technology.

Toshiba RAS-**SKP-ES fix-speed cooling only air conditioners with capacities from 2.7 to 6.8 kW are suitable for a wide range of residential applications.

  • R410 refrigerating fluid
  • New compact chassis (only 740 mm wide, 185 mm deep)
  • Indoor unit operates at an extremely low 20 decibels in Quiet mode
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Self-cleaning function for avoiding mould and remaining humidity inside the unit
  • 12 different positions for controlling the direction of the air flow
  • Toshiba IAQ air filter purifies the air without reducing the air flow capacity of the unit.
  • Auto restart after power failure.

Auto Mode Change (Cool / Dry)Auto Mode Change (Cool / Dry)
One Touch PresetOne Touch Preset
Repeat TimerRepeat Timer
Washable Front PanelWashable Front Panel
Sleep Timer with ECO-logicSleep Timer with ECO-logic
Economy ModeEconomy Mode
5 Fan Speed Levels in AUTO Mode5 Fan Speed Levels in AUTO Mode
Automatic 3 mins Delay Safety ControlAutomatic 3 mins Delay Safety Control
Dry (Dehumidifying) FunctionDry (Dehumidifying) Function
Toshiba New IAQ FilterToshiba New IAQ Filter
12 Step Louvre Positions + 12 Swing Ranges12 Step Louvre Positions + 12 Swing Ranges
Self-cleaning FunctionSelf-cleaning Function

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