Toshiba Air Conditioners - SKHP-ES, Wall split, Heat Pump, R410A 

remote controller for Toshiba SKHP air conditionerGet Complete Control

The Toshiba remote control is as carefully designed as the rest of the air conditioning system. Frequently used buttons are placed at the top, while feature buttons are laid out in user-friendly zones.

  • Super Quiet
    Just press the Quiet button on your Toshiba remote control and the indoor unit will operate at an extremely low 22 dB.
  • Comfort Sleep
    When you activate the Comfort Sleep feature, your air-conditioning system will compensate for naturally lower right air temperatures so you can sleep in complete comfort.
  • One Touch My Comfort
    Toshiba has assessed user preferences in your region of the world to ensure that your needs can be fully catered for. The One Touch My Comfort features customized temperature and airflow settings, which will deliver you ultimate comfort with one simple push of the button.
  • ECO-logic
    You can save up to 25% energy without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Operating Mode
    Sel ect from Auto Changeover, Cooling, Heating, Fan only and Drying modes.
  • Auto Diagnosis
    The 26 code auto diagnosis monitors main functions and components of the air conditioner for easy maintenance.

Toshiba super quiet modeSuper Quiet and Comfort

After pressing the Quiet button on your remote controller the indoor unit will operate at an extremely low 22 decibels (model Toshiba RAS-10SKHP-ES).

Toshiba air flow control system shifts to super-low fan speed, thereby reducing the sound of the indoor unit by 3 dB.

In Comfort Sleep mode, the temperature rises by 1°C after 1 hour, then another degree after 2 hours, which will be maintained until morning.

Powerful & Precise Airflow

Now with 12 louver settings, Toshiba SKHP-ES air conditioners allow you to adjust the airflow precisely to the position that gives you the greatest comfort. Alternatively, use the swing feature to distribute air evenly throughout the room.Toshiba air conditioners have 7 fan-speed settings, including Auto Fan and Hi-Power modes. Choose from a gentle airflow right up to the full cooling or heating of Hi-Power mode, which provides up to 1500 m3/h of cool air instantly (RAS-24SKHP-ES).

Purity without Compromise

Toshiba new IAQ filter is the latest product of the Toshiba laboratories for improving the indoor air quality of the residential air conditioners. Toshiba IAQ technology is able to seriously inhibit the activity of harmful becteria and viruses (including avian influenca). The experience gathered with all the previous filtration devices has led to this highly effective device that purify the air without reducing the air flow capacity of the unit. With this Toshiba air filtration system the air becomes purer, fresher and healthier ensuring optimum comfort for the whole family. Your house will feel like it has been spring cleaned every day!

Self-Cleaning Function

When you turn off your Toshiba air conditioner, an internal fan automatically activates to dry out the coil. This removes the moisture which causes mould to form. 20 Minutes of fan operation after shut down, dries the moist air and helps reduce mould formation.

Refrigerant R410A (HFC)

R-410A is a near-azeotropic mixture of difluoromethane (CH2F2, called R-32) and pentafluoroethane (C2HF5, called R-125), which is used as a refrigerant in air conditioning applications. Unlike many other refrigerants it does not deplete  Earth ozone depletion, and is therefore widely used. Now R-410A is the preferred refrigerant for use in residential and commercial air conditioners in Japan and Europe, replacing R-22.

R-410A should only be used in equipment specifically designed and constructed for higher pressure refrigerants. R-410A operates at considerably higher pressures and requires the use of special tanks, gauges and recovery equipment. HFC-designed systems employ thicker walled tubing, and compressors capable of withstanding the higher pressures of R-410A.

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