Toshiba Air Conditioners - Light Commercial - Cassette air conditioner

Temperature conditioning

Thanks to the new ceiling panel design, Toshiba cassette air conditioner enables uniform air distribution, providing total comfort. This system is ideal for small commercial applications.


Individual Louvre Control

The angles of each of the four louvres can be set individually.

  • Enables airflow to be chosen according to user preferences.

Easy installation

The panel is attached using the bolt that is already installed on the indoor unit.

Controls and Options

  • RBC-AMS41E and RBC-AMT31E— wired remote controller
  • RBC-U21PG(W)-E2 — ceiling panel, 2 series (RAV-SM**2UT-E)
  • RBC-U31PG(W)-E — ceiling panel, 4 series (RAV-SM**4UT-E)
  • TCB-AX21U(W)-E2 — wireless remote controller kit, 2 series (RAV-SM**2UT-E)
  • RBC-AX31U(W)-E — wireless remote controller kit, 4 series (RAV-SM**4UT-E)
  • BC-AS21E2— simple wireless remote controller
  • TCB-AX21-E2— wireless remote controller kit with integral
  • RBC-EXW21E2— weekly timer
  • TCB-SC64TLE 2— central controller

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