Toshiba Air Conditioners - Compact Cassette Air Conditioner

Ideal cassette air conditioner for grid system ceiling

  1. Compact unit (575x575) fits perfectly into ceilings and matches standard architectural modules, without the need to cut ceiling tiles.
  2. The compact & stylish panel design is ideal for fashionable restaurants, shops and offices.
  3. The flaps fold tightly against the ceiling when operation stops so that the ceiling is affected only slightly even if air-conditioning is installed.

Designed for simple & easy installation and maintenance

  1. The slim design is only 268 mm in height even when an electrical box is located inside the unit.
  2. Easy access to electrical box is achieved by simply removing the suction grill. The ceiling type offers easy installation and maintenance, since the electrical box is located inside the unit.
  3. Easy installation can also be achieved using the panel adjust pocket. Use the “adjust pocket” function for fine adjustments after installation.
  4. The drain up height is 850 mm. Correspondence is possible even if installation conditions are severe.

  5. Available for ceilings up to 3.5 m.
  6. The drain-checking hole makes it possible to check the drain pan through the side case.

Controls and Options

  • RBC-AMS41E RBC-AMT31E— wired remote controller
  • BC-AS21E2— simple wired remote controller
  • TCB-AX21-E2— wireless remote controller kit with integral receiver
  • RBC-EXW21E2— weekly timer
  • TCB-SC64TLE 2— central controller

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