Toshiba Air Conditioners - Light Commercial - Flexi

The stylish Flexi unit for Toshiba Super Digital Inverter system brings a touch of luxury to light commercial interiors. It incorporates the latest Toshiba technology, and meets the needs of all occupants. Installation flexibility and indoor air quality are two of the many advantages of the system.

Low wall and ceiling-suspended installations are both possible, with no modification or additional accessories. In either case, it can be installed easily just by simply removing the air intake grill and connecting the refrigerant piping and the electrical wiring. At 23 kg, under-ceiling installation is easier than ever.

Triple-action filtration system

  • The first step, coarse mesh filter, removes large particles,
  • The passive electrostatic filter removes solid particles down to 0,01 micron in size,
  • Finally the Zeolite Plus filter absorbs even smaller airborne pollutants.

Natural air distribution

In ceiling suspended applications, air can be directed either horizontally, parallel to the ceiling or away from the room occupants for non intrusive air distribution.

High-lift drain pump kit

The drain pump can raise condensate up to 290 mm for flexible condensate piping layout. This option is suitable for ceiling suspended unit only).

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