Toshiba Air Conditioners - Super Digital Inverter - Outdoor Units 4 Series 

  • The best EER and COP
  • Wide operating range down to –15 °C in cooling and –20 °C in heating
  • Extended pipe runs, up to 75 m length and 30 m elevation

The new Super Digital Inverter, series 4, sets new standards for industry energy performance. The units are equipped with the new Eco-driving twin-rotary compressors, where the magnetic action minimizes the rotor friction loss. The compressors can work at very low speed, down to 10 r/s, providing excellent energy performances in both cooling and heating.The seasonal and the rated efficiencies are the highest in the industry for capacities from 10 to 12.5 kW.

The air management system has also been improved: high efficiency fan motors, larger fans and new fan grille design all contribute to the exceptional energy performance.

Piping and operating limits have also been improved. The new system can work at extremely low temperatures, in cooling and heating. The extended pipe length is now up to 75 m.

Toshiba air conditioner SDI4 is designed for R410A refrigerant, and R22 or R407C replacement systems that consume more energy.

Maxumum EER at partial load

For most of the year, the air conditioner (cooler) operates while the outdoor temperature is less than 30 C. At this time, the air conditioner load is approximately 50%, and at this level the EER is significantly greater than during rated conditions. This indicates energy efficiency in a way that that cannot be expressed using just the rated energy consumption rate.

To compare operating efficiency under low load operating conditions, field tests were performed where the outdoor temperature was approximately 24 C. This is about the same as when the air conditioning is set to room temperature. Measurements were taken that demonstrated that the energy consumption of the new model was 30% less than the current model (equivalent to the areas enclosed by the energy consumption curves along the time axis).

Newly developed eco-driving DC twin rotary compressor

A low minimum speed of 10 rps has been achieved. This has further improved the operating efficiency when the load is low (the minimum in Series 2 was 15 rps).
  • The structure and shape of each compressor component has been optimised.
  • The area of the rotor magnet has been increased and a slit introduced to the design.
These improvements have further enhanced efficiency and reduced noise.

Reuse of existing pipes

This new Toshiba air conditioning system, which uses the environmentally responsible refrigerant R410A, can use piping designed for old R22 or R407C refrigerants (Provided the existing pipework meets current legislation regarding the pressure rating of R410A). 

This new solution enables old high-energy consumption air conditioning systems to be replaced by the most advanced inverter units, with significant benefits in terms of performance, acoustic comfort and energy-efficiency.

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