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Toshiba under-ceiling flap control

Toshiba CEILING Super Digital Inverter The airflow angle of Digital Inderter indoor unit is automatically set to the most suitable setting according to your cooling or heating needs, and an automatic swing mode enables airflow to reach all areas of the room to create a comfortable ambience.

  • In cooling mode, the flap automatically swings between the top three positions.
  • In heating mode, the flap automatically swings between all five positions.
Крепление кондиционера Тошиба к потолку

Installation efficiency

Suspending the unit from the ceiling saves the trouble of complex installation procedures. It can be suspended simply by adjusting two screws on the intake grill. Compared to conventional units which involve a dozen screws, installation is further simplified.

Toshiba under ceiling unit is quietest in industry

A new design has been adopted that greatly reduces the noise level to half that of conventional units. Operation is always whisper-quiet.

Controls and Options

  • RBC-AMS41E and RBC-AMT31E — wired remote controller
  • RBC-U21PG(W)-E2  — ceiling panel, 2 series (RAV-SM**2UT-E)
  • RBC-U31PG(W)-E  — ceiling panel, 4 series (RAV-SM**4UT-E)
  • TCB-AX21U(W)-E2  — wireless remote controller kit, 2 series (RAV-SM**2UT-E)
  • RBC-AX31U(W)-E  — wireless remote controller kit, 4 series (RAV-SM**4UT-E)
  • BC-AS21E2 — simple wireless remote controller
  • TCB-AX21-E2 — wireless remote controller kit with integral
  • RBC-EXW21E2 — weekly timer
  • TCB-SC64TLE 2 — central controller

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