Toshiba Air Conditioners - Digital Inverter - Outdoor Units 3 Series 

  • Excellent EER
  • Light and compact: easy to install
  • Compatible with a wide range of indoor units

Toshiba Digital Inverter 3 is an advanced solution that can meet the growing market need for ease of installation and increased consumer comfort.

Reuse of existing pipes

This new Toshiba air conditioning system, which uses the environmentally responsible refrigerant R410A, can use piping designed for old R22 or R407C refrigerants (Provided the existing pipework meets current legislation regarding the pressure rating of R410A). 

This new solution enables old high-energy consumption air conditioning systems to be replaced by the most advanced inverter units, with significant benefits in terms of performance, acoustic comfort and energy-efficiency.

Light and compact outdoor units

Toshiba Digital Inverter 3 series are very light and compact. That makes installation easier.

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