Toshiba Air Conditioners - Outdoor Units 2 Series 

Компрессор промышленных кондиционеров ToshibaPowerful DC twin rotary compressor

The compressor of Toshiba light commercial air conditioner stands out for its exceptional efficiency and stability.

A low minimum speed of 15 rps has been achieved. This has further improved the operating efficiency when the load is low. 

Vector Intelligent Drive Unit (IPDU) technology ensures high performance. An increased number of smaller steps for more accurate control.

Heating at –15°C

Heater operation is possible starting from an outdoor temperature of –15°C. Toshiba air conditioners create a comfortable space even during cold winters.

Twin split System

Fits with various size room and form

  • Combination : Same type and capacity of indoor units
  • Twin kit (option)

What is the difference between DI and SDI series?

Toshiba Digital Inverter is a maximum lightweight and compact outdoor unit:
  • Reduces installation space and enables a more efficient use of the site
  • Keeps down and delivery costs
  • Outdoor unit cost is 25-30% less than SDI cost
  • Easy to install on a wall
Toshiba Super Digital Inverter is a maximum efficient and silent outdoor unit:
  • 50% energy cost savings, compared to fixed-speed units (A-class rated)
  • Operation in Power Save Mode enables power peaks to be cut.
  • Extended pipe runs: up to 70 m length
  • Low-noise design. If the outdoor temperature is 30°C or less, operates at under 45 dB

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