Toshiba Air Conditioners - High-wall Indoor Unit (3 series), VRF

With its modern slim-line design and elegant "moon white" color, NEW high-wall unit Toshiba MMK-AP***3H is best suited for restaurants and other applications requiring understated elegance.

  • The air filtration system further improves the indoor air quality benefits of this high-wall unit.
  • Auto-louvre mode allows optimum air distribution throughout the room.
  • Quick and easy installation, little space required
  • Refrigerant piping can be installed from three different directions
  • CFC-free refrigerant R410A
  • Wireless controller is included

wireless infrared remote controller WH-L11SERemote controller

The hiwall indoor unit of 3th series is supplied with wireless infrared remote controller WH-L11SE. It enables perfect control of the Toshiba indoor unit:
  • ON/OFF control
  • Mode change
  • Temperature setting
  • Air flow changing (5 steps)
  • Louver setting
  • Clock
  • Timer function
    • ON/OFF timer (10 min. step)
    • Everyday timer
    • Sleep timer
    • COMFORT SLEEP timer
  • High power mode
  • QUIET mode
  • One-touch pre-set memory

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