Toshiba Air Conditioners - Mini SMMS Outdoor Units 

MiNi-SMMS: flexibility, economy and comfort

The Toshiba MiNi-SMMS is a small VRF system suitable for light commercial and residential applications. Great flexibility, power and control combined in a VRF system that is small and compact.

Toshiba MiNi-SMMS was designed to bridge the gap between the versatile multi-split systems and the larger capacity of the SMMS. The MiNi-SMMS can operate up to nine indoor units and is available in three sizes - 4, 5 and 6 HP.

  • 14 types of indoor units
  • 3 outdoor unit sizes
  • air conditioning up to 9 rooms with one system
  • cooling capacity 12 - 15.5 kW
  • pipe length up to 180 m
  • maximum heigth difference between units 30 m
  • state-of-art energy saving efficiency - COP up to 4.61!

Компрессор мультизональной системы Тошиба Mini SmmsHigh-efficiency DC twin-rotary compressor

Toshiba Mini SMMS outdoor unit incorporates new DC twin-rotary compressor and inverter drive. As compressor is inverter driven, power surges are eliminated. Over- or under-utilisation of power, typical for non-inverter compressors is eliminated, and the system adjusts to the demand required by the occupant or system. Energy efficiency through all range of compressor rotation is more stable than scroll type compressor in characteristic.

Precise manufacturing technology in the compression parts ensures higher efficiency and higher reliability of Toshiba Mini-SMMS outdoor unit. DC driven motor with rare earth magnet is compact and has a higher power motor torque.

Toshiba MINI-SMMS: World’s Best Class Energy Savings

COP of 4.61 achieved by Toshiba’s unrivalled Mini-SMMS technologies and newly developed components! Why Toshiba Mini SMMS make a big difference to your electric bills even through the COP is virtually the same?

The constantly fluctuating outside air temperature is factored in when calculating an electricity bill (=seasonal power consumption), the COP expresses the energy efficiency for only two outside temperature points, 7°С (heating) and 35°С (cooling). 

You can figure out how much energy will really be conserved using the seasonal power consumption amount into which is factored the actual outside air temperature generation time (see picture below):

Surprising Quieter Operation

Toshiba PMV Kit

Toshiba Mini-SMMS PMV for super-silent operationThe PMV kit is an option for super-silent operation, available for hotel rooms and residential applications where low noise levels are critical. The PMV function is normally inside the indoor unit and causes most of the indoor unit noise. If PMV is removed from the indoor unit, the noise can be reduced.

  • Ease of installation
  • Integral condensate pump
  • Low cost

Inverter control

Toshiba Mini-SMMS Air Conditioning, featuring the exclusive DC vector-controlled inverter, provides a full range of choices to create your desired comfort level.  

Night operation (sound reduction) control

The unit also comes with a night-time low-noise mode, which reduces operating noise at the programmed activation time. Optional PC Board (TCB-PCMO2E) and locally supplied timer/switch are needed.

Greater Installation Flexibility

    Free branching is a distinctive feature of Toshiba VRF

    The versatility of the SMMS means that virtually any imaginable configuration of the refrigerant Y-type branches and/or header piping can be used in an application to give the shortest, most cost-effective piping installation. The piping can be run in any direction to facilitate refurbishment work.

    Line/header branching after header branching is only available with TOSHIBA. 

    Мультизональная система Тошиба Mini-Smms

    Small and lightweight unit

    The Mini SMMS outdoor unit is compact (117 кг kg, 90x32x134 cm) and expels exhausted air to the side. It can be installed even in limited spaces such as balcony.

    Wide variety in Mini-SMMS indoor unit line-up

    Внутренние блоки системы Mini SMMS ToshibaThe MiNi-SMMS can operate up to nine indoor units. World-class line-up of 14 types of Toshiba VRF indoor units is available. All indoor unit are applicable for all Toshiba VRF systems (SMMS, SHRM and MiNi-SMMS).

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