Toshiba Air Conditioners - SHRM Outdoor Unit, Heat Recuperation

Toshiba SHRM key features

The three-pipe VRF Super Heat Recovery Multi System (SHRM) delivers simultaneously cooling and heating and has exceptional energy efficiency. Toshiba SHRM heat recovery system offers a range of 10 outdoor models with capacities from 22.4 kW to 84 kW cooling and 25 kW to 95 kW heating. For ease of installation and cost saving the 8 and 10 HP units are modular. A very flexible and energy efficient option. 13 different indoor unit models available in 81 sizes ensure system flexibility.

      Toshiba SHRM Objects

      Toshiba SHRM, 3-pipe VRF system with heat recuperation, were installed on many objects all over the world, for example:

      SHRM range: heating and cooling

      Toshiba VRF Super Heat Recovery Multy

      The Toshiba SHRM VRF system introduces important innovations with the possibility to provide simultaneous heating and cooling to different zones or rooms. They satisfy the most demanding needs and offer superior performances with COPs of 3.97 (8 HP), 3.61 (10 HP) and 3.68 (12 HP).

      The compact flow selector (FS unit) enables the system to heat and cool simultaneously and can be used in restricted spaces. The cooling capacity range is from 22.4 to 84 kW and the heating capacity range from 25 to 95 kW.

      Dual DC twin-rotary compressor

      Toshiba SHRM outdoor unit

      Toshiba sets new technological standards, incorporating DC twin rotary compressors in all SHRM outdoor units, compatible with the high density refrigerant R-410A. Thanks to the use of these dual-compressor systems, the system operation load is distributed more evenly, with a special controller regulating the operating sequence of outdoor units and individual compressors.

      This innovative technology also allows optimisation and balancing of the operating time for each component, considerably enhancing the reliability of the complete system. When the system is in operation, the latest Toshiba control systems sel ect the heat exchanger and compressor to supply the required capacity in the most efficient way. This operating method can reduce the power input by up to 30% compared with a traditional on/off system.

      Each SHRM outdoor unit features two inverter-driven twin-rotary compressors. A twin-rotary compressor has two fixed compression chambers. An off -centre roller orbits each chamber to squeeze the refrigerant. The two rollers are both mounted on the same shaft, but are off set to provide counter balance to each other. The contact force required between the roller and chamber wall is lowered. This means that smaller bearings can be used and lubrication demand is reduced, saving weight and making this type of compressor more suited to lowspeed operation.

      Toshiba SHRM

      Toshiba active oil management system

      The active oil management system developed by Toshiba continually monitors the level of oil in all compressors, should an oil shortage be detected in any compressor, oil is automatically transferred from a compressor in another outdoor unit. The two compressors in an individual SHRM outdoor unit are connected by way of an oil balancing pipe to ensure a uniform oil levels within the two compressors.

      1) Oil balance control. This control equalizes amount of oil between two compressors.

      2) Oil supply control. This control accumulates oil in the oil separator. When oil is insufficient, the system supplies oil to the compressors.

      3) Oil supply control between outdoor units. This control supplies oil accumulated in the oil tank of each outdoor unit to the outdoor unit with insufficient oil.

      Flexible branching

      The versatility of the SMMS means that virtually any configuration of the refrigerant Y-type branches and/or header piping can be used in an application to give the shortest, most cost-effective piping installation. The piping can be run in any direction to facilitate refurbishment work.

      Line and header branching after header branching are Unique Toshiba's systems!

      Toshiba SHRM branch and header

      Extended piping capabilities of Toshiba SHRM system:

      • Maximum actual length - 150 m
      • Farthest equivalent length - 175 m
      • Extension - 300 m
      • Maximum height difference - 50 m (outdoor unit is higher than indoor unit)
      • Maximum height difference, outdoor unit is lower than indoor unit - 40 m
      • Maximum height difference between indoor units - 30 m
      • Maximum length from first branch - 65 m

      Wide variety in SHRM indoor unit line-up

         Mini SMMS ToshibaUp to 48 indoor units can be connected to a single Toshiba SHRM system. There are 13 different indoor unit models available in 81 sizes. The large choice of indoor unit models and sizes compatible with the VRF range ensures the ideal solution for any application requirement.

      The performances of all units are maximised: low sound levels, optimised air flows and the extremely compact design that reduces installation time and costs. Moreover, the recent additions to the range, the compact high-wall and the slim duct units, reaffirm Toshiba’s commitment to create the perfect climate and well-being for business users. Toshiba provides the ideal climate and comfort levels, ensuring a healthy environment, high technology, maximised efficiency and modern design.

      All indoor unit are applicable for all Toshiba VRF systems (SMMS, SHRM and MiNi-SMMS).

      Toshiba SHRM protection devices

      • Discharge and suction temperature sensors
      • Internal overload relay
      • Compressor over-current relay
      • Over-current sensor
      • High pressure switch
      • Low pressure sensors

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