Toshiba Air Conditioners - 4-way Compact Cassette Unit, VRF

Ideal solution for falsh ceiling

The compact four-way cassette has been designed to suit all the standard 600 × 600 mm grid ceilings, to allow simple and easy installation and maintenance. Its sophisticated design fits with any room interior, where design is as important as the functionality.

The flaps fold tightly against the ceiling when operation stops so that the ceiling is affected only slightly even if Toshiba air conditioning system is installed.

Easy installation and maintenance

Slim-line dimensions make this cassette unit of Toshiba SMMS suitable for the most demanding installation, where ceiling restrictions apply.

  • The slim design is only 268 mm in height even when an electrical box is located inside the unit.
  • Easy installation is also possible using the panel adjust pocket. Use the “adjust pocket” function for fine adjustments after installation.
  • Available for ceilings up to 3.5 m in height.
  • The drain-checking hole makes it possible to check the drain pan through the side case.


  1. Ceiling panel Toshiba RBC-UM11PG(W)-E
  2. Wireless control panel Toshiba TCB-AX21E2
  3. Auxiliary fresh air flange Toshiba CB-FF101URE2

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