Toshiba Air Conditioners - 2-way Cassette Indoor Unit, VRF

"Invisible" Toshiba unit

With its very compact size, this two-way cassette unit for VRF system is the best solution for small rooms. Slim and easy to install, it fits discreetly into any room interior. In addition, thanks to its silent operation, this model creates a very pleasant, quiet and comfortable environment.

  • Slim design, with an 8 mm high ceiling panel.
  • Low noise level: it operates at only 30 dB(A) (sizes 2.2 to 5.6 kW).
  • Unique Air flow control: the air current is balanced between two directions, for maximum comfort.
  • Flexible installation: the condensate drain pump raises drain piping up to 500 mm.
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality: Standard long-life filters.
  • Fresh air intake: ensures constant air renewal.


Accessories for Toshiba 2-way cassette units (Super MMS system) MMU-AP0071WH - MMU-AP0301WH:
  • Ceiling panel RBC-UW136PG, RBC-UW266PG, RBC-UW466PG

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