Toshiba Air Conditioners - 100% Fresh Air Intake Unit, VRF

14 kW (cooling)
8,9 kW (heating)

22,4 kW (cooling)
13,9 kW (heating)

28 kW (cooling)
17,4 kW (heating)

InverterRefrigerant R410A (HFC)

This new Toshiba VRF indoor unit offers the possibility to introduce into the building external fresh air and to control air discharge temperature.

The Fresh Air Intake indoor unit provides 100% fresh air inside the building with controlling the exhaust temperature. The high static pressure of up to 196 Pa makes it to a powerful and multi-usable fresh air distributor. Inconspicuous, flexible, compact and easy to instal it is the perfect solution for schools, hospitals, offices and all other buildings where fresh air intake is needed.

Fresh air intake units are for Toshiba's SMMS VRF systems of 18 HP or more. Up to 2 units for one system and also within 30% to capacity of the connectable indoor air conditioners are allowed.

  • Pre-heat or pre-cool function
  • Compact size
  • Easy installation
  • 3 levels for static pressure (70 - 196 Pa)

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