Toshiba Air Conditioners - Ducted High Pressure Indoor Unit, VRF 

Key Features of Concealed Duct High Static Pressure Type

This is Toshiba’s most powerful ducted unit delivering air flows up to 1400 l/s (5040 m³/h). Unobtrusive, flexible and compact, it can be installed easily and discretely in any interior. This model is the ideal solution for both new and restored buildings.

  • Satisfies all your design needs
  • Compatible with external static pressures up to 196 Pa
  • Three-phase-switchable static pressure (68,6, 137 and 196 Pa)
  • High-efficiency filter (65, 90)
  • Drain pump kit
  • The flexible duct is accessible
  • Inspection hole enables easy access and maintenance

Options for Toshiba Ducted Unit

Канальный высоконапорный блок Toshiba SMMS

Wide range of options are available: vaporizing humidifiers, long-life filters, etc.

  • Drain pump kit (TCB-DP31DE, TCB-DP32DE)
  • Long-life prefilter (TCB-PF1D-1E, TCB-PF2D-1E, TCB-PF3DE) - supplied with unit
  • Filter chamber (TCB-FCY21DE, TCB-FCY31DE, TCB-FCY51DE, TCB-FCY100DE)
  • High-efficiency filter 65 (TCB-UFM1D-1E, TCB-UFM2D-1E, TCB-UFM3DE)
  • High-efficiency filter 90 (TCB-UFH5D-1E, TCB-UFH6D-1E, TCB-UFM7DE)

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