Toshiba Air Conditioners - Ceiling Indoor Unit, VRF  

Features of Toshiba Ceiling Unit

Toshiba ceiling-suspended unit for VRF system creates a very pleasant and relaxing environment, diffusing rapidly and uniformly the required temperature, in cooling and heating modes.

This model is the best solution for ceilings that do not have voids. It can be used for a wide range of applications, but is particularly recommended for refurbishment projects.

It is the quietest ceiling unit in industry. New design reduces noise level to half that of conventional units.

Toshiba Ceiling Unit FlapFlap control

  • The airflow angle is automatically set to the most suitable setting according to your cooling or heating needs, and an automatic swing mode enables airflow to reach all areas of the room to create a comfortable ambience.
  • In cooling mode, the flap automatically swings between the top three positions.
  • In heating mode, the flap automatically swings between all five positions.

Installation efficiency

The installation of this ceiling-suspended unit is very easy. The unit can be suspended from the ceiling simply by adjusting two screws on the intake grill, avoiding complex procedures which can involve up to a dozen installation screws.

Refrigerant piping: 3 possibilities (top, rear or right side of the unit). Drain piping: 2 possibilities.


Toshiba Ceiling Unit accessories
  • Drain pump kit TCB-DP22CE2 with water lift up to 600 mm.
  • Elbow piping kit (TCB-KP12CE2, TCB-KP22CE2TCB-KP12CE2 or TCB-KP22CE2).

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