Toshiba Air Conditioners - Local control systems, VRF 

Пульт RBC-AMT32E (RBC-AMT31E) (основной проводный пульт)

Wired Control RBC-AMT32E (RBC-AMT31E) (standard Toshiba remote controller)

The standard Toshiba remote controller gives access to all of the functions for the indoor unit. It also gives access to the configurable engineer's menu and data retrieval features of the system, such as fault code and sensor information.

The device is compatible with the new 4 Series DI/ SDI cassette and the existing DI/SDI/SMMS and SHRM indoor units.

Simplified Wired Control RBC-AS21E2

The simplified remote controller is connected in the same way as the standard remote controller, but offers reduced functionality for the less cost.

The remote controller does not have the lapse timer and the ability to set up the indoor unit. Toshiba VRF unit fault codes are still displayed.

Remote Temperature Sensor TCB-TC21LE2

Remote Sensor that provides a single temperature value to the entire group. Used with all indoor units.

Infra-red Remote Kit for Toshiba VRF

  • ON/OFF
  • Mode change
  • Temperature settings
  • Air flow settings
  • Timer)
  • Two wireless controllers can be used to control one indoor unit
  • Fault codes
RBC-AX31U(W)-E и RBC-AX31U(WS)-E: Infra-red Remote Kit. Designed as a replacement corner panel for Cassettes.

RBC-AX22CE2: Wireless remote unit kit for Ceiling suspended units (MMC-AP∗∗∗1H).

TCB-AX21E2: The wireless remote controller can be used with the appropriate indoor units to give full control of the indoor units. Two remote controllers can be used on the same indoor unit. The sensor on the remote controller can be used to control the system. Fault codes are displayed.

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