Toshiba Air Conditioners - Central control, VRF 

Toshiba VRF central controller

With the Toshiba central controller, up to 64 indoor units of SMMSor SHRM system can be monitored individually. The central Toshiba controllers are compact and user-friendly and can also be combined with local controls and a weekly timer to guarantee optimised user comfort under any conditions.

Central remote controller Toshiba TCB-SC642TLE2

Central remote controller Toshiba TCB-SC642TLE2

This controller can connect to the weekly timer and has volt-free inputs to enable the indoor units and indicate a fault. It has the ability to shut down all units in the event of a fire. Up to four controllers can be connected to the network.

  • Individual control of up to 64 indoor units.
  • Individual control for max. 64 indoor units divided into 1 to 4 zone (Up to 16 indoor units for each zone)
  • Up to 16 outdoor header units are connectable
  • 4 types of central control settings to inhibit individual operation by remote controller can be selected
  • Setting for one of 1 to 4 zones is available
  • Usable with other central control devices (Up to 10 central control devices in one control circuit)
  • Two control mode selectivity
    • Central controller mode
    • Remote controller mode
  • Setting of simultaneous ON/OFF 3 times per day combined with the weekly timer.
Toshiba TCB-CC163TLE2

ON-OFF Controller Toshiba TCB-CC163TLE2

  • Individual control of up to 16 indoor units.
  • Connection by 2 remote controllers is available.
  • Setting of simultaneous ON/OFF 3 times per day combined with the weekly timer.
Недельный таймер Toshiba TCB-EXS21TLE

Schedule / Weekly Timer Toshiba TCB-EXS21TLE

1. Schedule timer mode:
  • 6 programmings per day
  • Enabling 8 groups to be programmed
  • A maximum of 64 indoor units can be controlled
  • A maximum of 100 hours back-up power supply

2. Weekly timer mode:
  • 7 types of weekly schedule and 3 programmings per day
  • Can program off mode by one-minute unitsТаймер дневного расписания 
Toshiba Comliant Manager

Compliant manager Toshiba BMS-CM1280TLE

  • Operation
    • Individual operation of 128 indoor units available
    • Return Back Operation
    • Weekly Schedule Operation (ON/OFF) - schedule timer necessary
  • Monitoring
    • Zone setting (64 zones x 2)
    • Individual unit operation mode operation restriction
    • Alarm display
    • Control input
    • Status output

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