Toshiba Air Conditioners - High-wall Indoor Unit (1 series), VRF

Compact and Stylish Toshiba High-wall Unit

This classic high-wall is elegant and slim. The 1 series high-wall units for Toshiba Super MMS multizone air conditioning system with their compact and elegant design fit in any room interior. Total comfort is granted, thanks also to the 70° directional autoswing louver that provide uniform air distribution.

  • Aesthetic and compact design
  • Slim: only 210 mm, for an easy and discreet installation.
  • Easy installation, with its auxiliary piping.
  • Refrigerant piping flexibility: 3 possibilities (top, rear or right side of the unit).
  • Top for comfort: 70° directional auto-swing louver for optimum air distribution.

Just 30 mm Above

Toshiba VRF high-wall 1 series

This hiwall unit requires little space above for installation. Maintenance is okay with just 30 mm above.

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