Toshiba Air Conditioning - Project Showcase

"Ostankino" Television Centre (Moscow, Russia)

Technical centre of the broadcasting company “Ostankino” is the first-rate one in Russia. It transmit telecasting signals to all the Russian Federation and abroad. TC “Ostankino” operates 24x7, all the year round.

The building has been constructed in the middle of XX century, by present time there is a lot of various electrical equipment producing a huge thermal load.

Toshiba Super MMS system was designed and installed in this building. The placement of the VRF outdoor units was a baffling problem. They were installed on the service floor with ceiling height 7 m. The outdoor units were carried on the service floor by hand. Now Toshiba SMMS system cools the montage facilities of the technical centre. The control is realized by means of the central control panel located in dispatching office.

Toshiba Super-MMS in Ostankino Television Centre

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