Toshiba Air Conditioning - Project Showcase 

Shanghai Zhangjiang Micro-electronics Office Building, China

Executive Summary

Three VRF products are all suitable for different applications - SMMS, MiNi-SMMS and IMS were all selected for this very large project. The complete line-up of product offered by Toshiba makes them more competitive. The common advantage with these products is the energy efficiency thanks to the Toshiba inverter technology. This solved the electrical power supply capacity shortage which the customer was anxious to resolve. The environmentally friendly R410A technology will also be a good selling point when the investor starts to sell the offices. With the advanced BMS system, the user can independently control the operation of all the occupied spaces.

There are 6 buildings, 90,000 square meters. The total cooling capacity reaches 4546 HP. For Toshiba this is the biggest office building project with VRF in China.

Customer Satisfaction with Toshiba VRF

This customer is particularly satisfied with the following project outcomes:

  1. Customer was dissatisfied with the 1st phase using local brand. Upon specifying 2nd phase the customer required a quality branded product offering high energy efficiencies and flexible control options. The Toshiba product range met all the above requirements.
  2. High quality and reliability.
  3. Perfect installation: All of the CDUs were installed on the rooftop, with the same modular foot print simplifying the process and shortening the installation time. No installation mistakes were made with the wiring or pipe work on the whole 141 systems.

About Shanghai Zhangjiang Micro Building

The buildings are located on the Zhangjiang high tech park which was established for biology and software research and development. The park attracted a lot of international investment from multinationals. This is a high standard office building which attracts famous companies such as GE R&D center.

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