Toshiba Air Conditioning - Project Showcase

Marriott Grand Hotel, Russia

Marriott Grand Hotel - the five-stars hotel located in the centre of Russia's capital Moscow. Multizone air conditioning systemToshiba Super MMS was installed there in 2007.VRF system precisely maintainsa comfort microclimate inthe banquet room, conference halls, and also in the suits of Marriott Grand Hotel.

Outdoor units of Toshiba VRF-system are placed so that theyare not visible from afacade of historical building. Sixteen blocks (10 each), are installed on the office balconies facing a hotel's courtyard.

Indoor units, 4-way cassette, are built in a false ceiling. Very heighceilings and the massive chandeliers complicated installation, but theair conditioning systemToshiba Super MMS has been installed quickly and qualitatively without a break of hotel work. Now the climate in "Marriott the Grandee Hotel" satisfies all the high demand making of 5* hotels.

Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel

Multizone air conditioning system Toshiba Super MMS

Multizone air conditioning system Toshiba Super MMS

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