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City Administration (Tyumen, Russia)

The building of Duma of Tyumen (city administration) is air conditioned by Toshiba SMMS. This building has been constructed in the middle of XX century and was not provided for air conditioning system. Therefore placement of the outdoor units presented some difficulties. 16 blocks were placed on the roof and 15 blocks - in a court yard, on special supports. Toshiba SMMS was mounted and put into operation stage by stage.

Because of the low ceilings and absence of a falsh-ceiling in offices there was no possibility to install cassette or channel internal blocks. Therefore hiwall indoor units were chosen, while pipes and cables have been laid above falsh-ceilings in corridors.

The Toshiba VRF system was installed and started into operation without a break in Tyumen Duma activity.

  • Total capacity 310 НР (870 kW)
  • Number of Outdoor Units: 21
  • Number of Indoor Units: 210
  • Outdoor Unit Model Num: MMY-MAP1001HT8, MMY-MAP1201HT8
  • Indoor Unit Model Num: MMK-AP0092H; MMK-AP0122H (hiwall); MMU-AP0151BH; MMU-AP0181BH (cassette); MMD-AP0091BH; MMD-AP0241H; MMD-AP0361H(ducted).
Toshiba SMMS Тюмень

Toshiba SMMS, outdoor units

Toshiba SMMS, outdoor units

Настенный блок Toshiba Super MMS

Toshiba SMMS, hiwall indoor unit

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