Toshiba Air Conditioning - Project Showcase

SberBank, Russia

SberBank is the oldest bank of Russia having the widest branch network (more than 19490 offices). One of the SberBank branches works in the historical building in Magnitogorsk since 1935. The indispensable demand of air conditioning system was the absolute conservation of the building’s architectural design and appearance.

The Toshiba SMMS air conditioning system was designed and successfully put into operation. All outdoor units were installed on the special platform.

  • Cooling capacity of the Toshiba Super MMS - 84 kW, heating capacity 95 kW
  • Location:Magnitogorsk, Ural region, Russian Federation
  • Number of Outdoor Units: 3
  • Number of Indoor Units: 24
  • Outdoor Unit Model: MMY-MAP1001HT8
  • Indoor Unit Model: 4-way cassettes

Toshiba SMMS outdoor units, Sberbank, Russia

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