Toshiba Air Conditioning - Project Showcase

TV broadcasting company, Russia

Television and radio broadcasting company “TRK 5th Channel” is situated in Saint Petersburg. The mandatory requirement of the customer was very low noise. Air conditioning system must not interfere with TV and radio equipment operation.

The broadcasting company is situated in a very old building where it was impossible to install a totally new air conditioning system. As a result all Toshiba outdoor units were placed on the roof of the building.

  • Total capacity of Toshiba SMMS VRF system installed: 46HP (128 kW)
  • Location: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Number of Outdoor Units: 5
  • Number of Indoor Units: 28
  • Outdoor Unit Models: MMY-MAP0801HT8;MMY-MAP1001HT8
  • Indoor Unit Model Num: cassette units MMU-AP0092H; MMU-AP0122H; MMU-AP0152H and ducted units MMD-AP0181BH; MMD-AP0241BH; MMD-AP0361BH

Toshiba Super MMS

Toshiba Super MMS, Saint Peterburg

Toshiba Super MMS, Saint Peterburg, outdoor units

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