Toshiba Air Conditioning - Project Showcase

Trade centre, St. Petersburg, Russia

The shopping & entertaining centre is located in the historical central part of Saint Petersburg, and so the appearance of the building would remain unchanged after VRF putting into operation.

Toshiba SMMS installation started after reconstruction of the building and opening of the shopping centre. Therefore installation works must be carried out without stoppage of center’s work. Toshiba air conditioning system was mounted and put into operation stage by stage. System features the building control system using LonWorks network.

  • Toshiba Super MMS 66 HP, cooling capacity 185 kW, heating capacity 207 kW
  • Location: Saint Petersburg
  • Number of Outdoor Units: 6 (3 x 10 HP and 3 x 12 HP)
  • Number of Indoor Units: 28
  • Outdoor Units: MMY-MAP1001HT8, MMY-MAP1201HT8
  • Indoor Units: 4-way cassette MMU-AP0362H, MMU-AP0482H, MMU-AP0562H

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