Toshiba Air Conditioning - Project Showcase

Königsberg Cathedral, Russia

The old Königsberg Cathedral is a Brick Gothic style building in Kaliningrad. Today, the cathedral has two chapels, one Lutheran, the other Russian Orthodox, as well as a museum.

Toshiba air conditioning system cools the choir part of the cathedral. The low noise level was a general requirement of the customer, and Toshiba's VRF system meet the demand in full measure.

  • Toshiba Super MMS, cooling capacity 10 HP (28 kW)
  • Location: Kaliningrad
  • Number of Outdoor Units: 1
  • Number of Indoor Units: 9
  • Outdoor Unit: MMY-MAP1001HT8
  • Indoor Units: hiwall MMK-AP0092H, cassette MMU-AP0182H and MMU-AP0242H.

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