Toshiba Air Conditioning - Project Showcase

Housing Estate, Russia

The modern and prestigious housing estate on Kazanskaya Naberezhnaya in Nizhni Novgorod consist of two 16-storey houses. By the present time all outdoor units of Toshiba air conditioning system are installed and connected to the pipelines.

Indoor units types and capacities will be chosen by the flat’s owners after purchase. Starting-up and adjustment will be carried out after 70% of indoor units will be connected. Energy monitoring and central control function are realized using Toshiba Complaint Manager controller.

  • Toshiba Super MMS 258 HP, cooling capacity 722 kW, heating capacity 810 kW
  • Location: Nizhni Novgorod
  • Number of Outdoor Units: 26
  • Number of Indoor Units: 334
  • Outdoor Unit Model Num: MMY-MAP0801HT8, MMY-MAP1001HT8, MMY-MAP1201HT8
  • Indoor Unit Model Num: Ducted and High Wall units

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