Toshiba Airconditioning wins Climate Control Award… Again!

Toshiba Airconditioning won the "Manufacturer of the Year" Award for Toshiba VRF, SMMS-e in the Standalone DX systems category, including VRF, for the second time. The award ceremony was hel...

Toshiba Major Key win in Oman

Prestigious Royal Oman Police residential complex will be airconditioned by Toshiba SMMSi!

Промышленные кондиционеры Мультизональные системы кондиционирования
split systems

(for living rooms)
Light commercial
air conditioners

(for offices, shops)
VRF systems

(for cottages, high-rise buildings)

Hiwall split systems for rooms 15-60 sq.m.: reasonable cost, comfort, air purifying

Powerful air conditioners for large rooms (50-150 sq.m.): duct, cassette, ceiling units

VRF systems allow to condition efficiently whole buildings with dozens of rooms