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Toshiba TechnologyToshiba was the first company to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning systems in 1981, and since then it has always maintained a technological advantage over its competitors. The development of the new and exclusive DC hybrid inverter system has reaffirmed this ability to innovate and maintain technological leadership in a fast-growing market.

Air treatment, low sound levels, guaranteed energy savings and easy installation of the indoor units make the Toshiba air conditioners the top choice for any home and office. We know that a perfect unit is the sum of perfection in every detail.

Solutions that are studied and verified in every tiny element are recognised universally by air conditioning professionals for their total reliability. Toshiba leads in technology and in applying technology to your greatest advantage!

Plasma Air Purifier

Plasma Air Purifier

The Plasma Air Purifier absorbs and eliminates pollutants and deodorises air. It can collect particles as small as 0.001 μm and is 10 times faster than standard filters.

The Plasma Air Purifier absorbs and eliminates particles and pollutants such as dust, pollen, mould spores and viruses. It also deodorises air (removing tobacco odours, garbage smells etc.). It’s extremely effective: it can collect particles as small as 0.001 μm and is 10 times faster than standard filters.

10X Active Purification

So how does the Plasma Air Purifier remove a wide range of impurities ?
    An ionized circuit forces pollutants to adopt a positive electrical charge.
  • STEP 1
    Negative electrons in the collection board attract large positive pollutants.
  • STEP 2
    Any remaining particles are forced towards the second collection board by a positive charge.

Plasma Air Purifier Toshiba

With Toshiba residential air conditioners, air quality is guaranteed by many stages of filtration and additional functions such as pre-treatment, removal of fine particles, viruses, bacteria and allergens for total purification. Electrostatic purification also guarantees a basic cost advantage, as there are no ongoing replacement part costs. Thanks to a complete and exceptional air treatment process, a pure and healthy environment is assured.

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