Quality Assurance

Toshiba Quality Control System

Toshiba is one of the world leaders in field of air conditioning. Toshiba applied a Quality Assurance program to ensure maximum reliability and highest quality of all air-conditioning equipment.

The two Toshiba main factories are located in Bangkok (Thailand) and Fuji (Japan). Together they employ over 3000 people who are committed to innovation and excellence. Both factories are certified to ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 9001 for Quality Management.

Toshiba also participates in the Eurovent certification programme under which its products are tested by independent laboratories to verify their compliance with published catalogue data.

Toshiba's International Certifications

Toshiba International Certifications

Product Quality
Dec 1993 - JIS Certificate
Jun 1995 - ISO 9001 Certificate
Mar 2003 – ISO 9001:2000

Certificate Environmental Responsibility
May 1998 – ISO 14001 Certificate

Health and Safety Focus
Jan 2003 – OHSAS 18001 Certificate
Jan 2004 – Thai Labor Standard Certificate

Part testing & Testing equipment

Toshiba air conditioners are manufacturing on Japan and Thailand factories. All parts are thoroughly tested which guarantees high quality and minimum rejection rate. From raw material to the packaged product, hundreds of skilled personnel prepare, assemble, test and pack Toshiba air conditioners to the very highest standards. Toshiba produces the units very carefully in order to guarantee a very long product life.

The first area you come to is an on-site CAD studio, combining theory with practice. Then in the main area of the factory assembly work such as hand brazing, pipe bending and turret punching is done. A sub-assembly area is set aside for installing electric components, and a main assembly area finally turns the carefully prepared components into a finished product.

Testing to exceptional standards is part of the Toshiba quality policy. In the shower-test room we simulate the worst weather your outdoor units will have to face, and then test extensively for leaks and electrical problems. Then we do drop-test. A unit in its box is lifted several feet off the floor, and dropped - simulating the kind of accident which is possible on site. The unit is then tested for damage, including all electrical functions. Each unit is comprehensively function tested according to certain parameters, ensuring that your new unit will work once it is installed - and that it will keep working.

Toshiba air conditioner testing

Motor Test Equipment

  • Starting Voltage Test
  • Starting Torque Test
  • No Load Test
  • Load Test

Toshiba Motor Test Equipment

Balance Machine Test for C-F-Fan

  • Balance Test
  • Weight
  • High Speed Test
  • Eccentricity
Toshiba Balance Machine Test for C-F-Fan

Over load Test

  • Rating ( Contact bimetal)
  • Initial operating time characteristic
  • Non- operating current characteristic
  • Operating temperature
  • Reset temperature
Toshiba Over load Test

Universal Tensile Strength Test

  • Testing Parts: Copper Tube & Aluminum Fin
  • Test Items: Tensile Strength & Elongation
Universal Tensile Strength Test

Pressure Operation Test of 4-Way-Valves

  • Operation Test
  • Leak Test
  • Noise
  • Air tightness test
  • Minimum fracture pressure
Toshiba Pressure Operation Test of 4-Way-Valves

Carton Box compression strength test

  • Compression Test
  • Bursting strength
Toshiba Carton Box compression strength test

Capillary Tube Testing

  • Secondary pressure test
Toshiba Capillary Tube Testing

COIL-PMV Equipment Test

  • Coil Resistance
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Withstand Voltage
COIL-PMV Equipment Test

Final Inspection

  • Appearance & Construction check
  • Product safety test
  • Withstand voltage test, Insulation resistance test, Earth circuit test, etc.
  • Assembly line patrol
Toshiba air conditioner Inspection